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Our Departments

Physiological and Psychosocial Management

MNTRH has around 40 Psychologists and a few Counsellors who carry out Psycho-Therapeutic sessions for patients who are in the hospital but also walk in.

Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment Unit

The hospital offers different services to people who suffer from addiction and Substance use

Radiology Dept

The hospital has recently been installed with a digital X-ray machine with a capability to take a full body picture

Administration Dept

The hospital has a well elaborate administration block, ready, willing and capable of handling your queries. The staff at MNTRH prioritises your need. You can reach out today.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

The hospital runs a child and adolescent psychiatric outpatient clinic every Wednesday from 8 am to 1 pm where all children with mental disord ers are assessed.

Global Psychiatric Services

The hospital runs an outpatient psychiatric department which runs 24 hours every day

Forensic Psychiatric Services

MNTRH runs two clinics per week every Monday and Tuesday where mental status assessment of Law Offenders is carried out.

Community Psychiatric

MNTRH has an active Nursing Psychiatric Department which visits patients at home for those that need to be followed up.